Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Halloween was a lot more fun this year - Mady actually enjoyed her costume and really liked getting treats from everyone! We spent Halloween walking around with Ava, Aunt Stacey, and Uncle Travis in their neighborhood. Let me just say - those people go all out! We can't wait for next year!
My little Ladybug came and visited me at work!
Ava, Mady, and their Gigi before going out Trick or Treating.
Aren't they adorable?
Along with Trick or Treating, Mady also got her first experience of pumpkin carving with Daddy. They both had a great time - Jeremy loved carving the face and Mady loved eating the insides of the pumpkin!

Here is Jeremy admiring his work!
Mady was very excited!
She liked squishing the insides with her hands!
The final product - our scary pumpkin and Mady's cute baby pumpkin!
Stay away from my pumpkin!
Jeremy and I are really looking forward to celebrating the holidays in our new home - I even have him convinced to hang lights on the outside of the house :)

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