Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turning One!

Holy cow I can't believe my little girl is a year old!! For Mady's actual birthday we took her to Deanna Rose Farmstead for the day and she loved it!! That place is very cool and I can't wait to go back again this summer!

1 Year Picture with her Monkey

As a special treat we took Mady to Chick-fil-A for lunch.
She loved the chicken nuggets and waffle fries!
Mady's "Aunt" Ivy came all the way from Florida for her birthday.
We decided to get in on the fun of being flowers!
Mady thought being a flower was pretty cool too.She spent most of the day looking at all the animals.
These baby goats were our favorites. Right after I took this picture she leaned forward to touch the goat's nose.

Overall it was a great day and it meant a lot to me and Jeremy that we got to spend time together as a family. Hopefully this will be a tradition in the making! Stay tuned for the famous cupcake birthday party post!!

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