Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Wedding

Madelynn had her first wedding of the season - it was a special occassion for her since it was for her Aunt Jennifer. Jeremy's sister Jennifer and her now husband Phil exchanged vows this past weekend. It was a small wedding, with lots of love, and some very good cake!

Aunt Jennifer giving us her Bridezilla look - too cute!

Jennifer and Phil wrote their own vows, it was a very special moment.

They also made their own flowers - which turned out beautifully!!
Here is a close-up of Jennifer's bouquet.

The cake was tasty and still looked gorgeous despite a slight mishap :)
Phil adores Superman hence the groom's cake!

Happy Hunter Family!! Take note of this picture - it will probably be the only time you see Jeremy in pink!

I wish I could have gotten some more pictures, but it was kind of hard to get any pictures taken when you've got an almost one year old monopolizing your time! That's right folks...Miss Mady will be a year old on Friday!! We are so excited to celebrate our little girl's birthday with our friends and family this weekend!!

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